Acupunctureacu shoulder


Community Session $60

Private Treatment Initial $145

Follow Up Treatment $100

Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world. It is based on the understanding that a series of meridians run through the body, connecting the internal organs and functions with the body surface. Qi (also known as vital energy) circulates through the meridian pathways. Qi can be manipulated for various results by inserting fine needles at key points along the meridian. In addition to moving Qi, Acupuncture also stimulates the release of pain-relieving endorphins, promotes circulation, influences the release of neurotransmitters and regulates the electrical currents of the body. The improved balance of energy and biochemistry by Acupuncture results in activating the body’s natural healing abilities, and promotes physical and emotional well-being. While a single acupuncture session can provide relief, results are cumulative and multiple visits are therefore recommended.

Medical Qi-Gong

1 hour session $125

Medical Qi Gong is based on similar theory as Acupuncture. Medical Qi Gong can be prescribed movements and breathing exercises to help move Qi within your body, or it can be received as a treatment. The patient lays on the exam table and the practitioner moves the energy around and in their body to break up and reset energy patterns that are causing imbalances and illness. Some refer to it as ‘needle free Acupuncture’. Most often exercises are prescribed to patients as ‘homework’ to continue and reinforce the effects of the treatment.


Herbal Consultation

Complimentary with Private sessions

With Community Treatments $10

Herb consult only $25

Herbs are a vital part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are used to treat both the symptoms of illness and the root cause. Herbs are very powerful and there are many patent formulas available, which are modified and adjusted to suit each patients specific diagnosis. Acupuncture by Jessica does not dispense herbs, but we will gladly direct you to the many businesses that do in NYC.